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VISCAT FULGOR was founded in 1957 by Mr. Visigalli. From the very start his aim was to supply the widest range of welding and sharpening machines for band saw and circular saw blades.
The first aim was to produce low price high quality machines. They had to be easy-to-use, solid and need little service despite the high production for which they had been designed.
M. Visigalli attained his goal since, after the first machines for overlapped welding (now out of production) other machines were added to the range and namely: butt welding machines, flash welding machines, band saw blade sharpening machines, circular saw blade sharpening machine, setting machines, deburring machines, brazing machines, high-frequency generators for braze welding and dust suction units.
Over time these machines conquered the world market. In fact in few years and already in 1972, thanks to its innovation capacity, VISCAT FULGOR was present in the world market on the same level as its major competitors and in some cases also as a leader.

In May 2007 VISCAT FULGOR was overtaken by three new partners – Roberto, Simone & Alessandro – three highly motivated young men willing to follow in its founder’s footstep, and bringing their own personal experience.
The engagement of the new partners, supported by their former personal experience, by their continuous attention to the market and to its needs, is today enriched by the contribution and knowledge of Mr. Visigalli.
VISCAT FULGOR, which has been on the market for 50 years, is now experiencing strong renovation, aimed at improving the production cycle and at strengthening its presence in the world market; attention paid to the customers’ needs together with the continuous and constant technological innovation characterize its philosophy, making it a leader company in its sector.

By following its normal evolutionary pathway VISCAT FULGOR wishes to be able to offer a specific machine for every need connected with the production and service of tools for working wood, iron, paper, cloth, etc. A specific machine for every need, a dealer and technical support in any country in order to be constantly close to the client.

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